Application Status For The Admissions 2024

Application # Full Name Father's Name Applied Campus Admission Degree Program Message Status

Please read the following detailed instructions of application status


Applicant just registered for Admissions 2024. Applications having “DRAFT” status will not be considered for selection process.

In Process

Applications having status “IN PROCESS” are under verification process. Applicants are advised to frequently visit their E-Portal account dashboard for updates.

In Review

Applications having status “IN REVIEW” are incomplete or having some wrong information. Applicants are required to clear / complete requirements as mentioned in “Remarks” within 24 hours.

Form Verified

Applications having status “FORM VERIFIED” will be considered for selection process.

Form Rejected

Applications having status “FORM REJECTED” will NOT be considered for selection.

Please Note: Applications having DRAFT / IN REVIEW / REJECTED status will NOT be considered for Selection Process.

Applications having “IN PROCESS” status will be considered for verification.